My Christmas tree…in April

Yes, I know it’s April, but I was going through the pictures on my phone and was reminded of my Christmas tree from last year.

I don’t have a fake Christmas tree, which is the kind of tree I grew up with, and I have no desire to get a real Christmas tree, so last year I decided to do something different.

I’m a big book nerd. My dad says when I was little I was always in my room reading or outside reading to our dog Bingo. Yes, we had a dog named Bingo and my dad was a farmer. You’re singing the song now, aren’t you?

I don’t have a pet to read to now, but I’m still out on my balcony or in my room reading, so what kind of Christmas tree should a reader have? A book tree, of course.

You may have seen images of book trees before. Libraries around the world have been making book trees for the holidays. Just look at a Google image search for book trees and you’ll see how amazing some of these are, way more amazing than mine.

I’m already thinking about the different things I can do this year, so stay tuned.


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