Under the Dome, the show

Wow. There are a lot of differences in the “Under the Dome” TV show.

In preparation for the show, I recently read Stephen King’s Under the Dome. It was 1072-page beast, but I raced through it, and while the ending wasn’t my favorite, the story as a whole was fabulous.

And I knew that they’d have to cut things and change some characters for the transition to the small screen, but I don’t think anyone is the same.


First of all, Dale “Barbie” Barbara, what the hell? He’s supposed to be our savior, our ex-military man, our idealistic, never-do-wrong hero. Why was he burying someone at the beginning of the show? And not a nice burial in a cemetery with a clergy, family and friends, and flowers. He was in the woods burying someone on the down low.

And when he drove away (he’s not supposed to have a car), who was he talking to on the phone where he said, “Your guy, Smith, shows up. He doesn’t have the money. And then he tries to renegotiate, aggressively.” What?

At least the actor they got is delicious, because Barbie was delicious in my head, too.

As for Rose the diner owner, she’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s Aunt Zelda! There’s nothing majorly different about her, at least yet, but her voice is so distinctive that I instantly wondered what spell she was cooking.

And then there was the dome. I was so hoping for the perspective from the woodchuck, but alas, no woodchuck. Instead we get a cow sliced in half, the long way. It was gross. And funny. It probably shouldn’t have been funny. I’m not a serial killer, I promise.

And couldn’t they hear through the dome? Here they can’t. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but I thought they could speak to people on the other side. And they said it was 20,000 feet high, but in the book it’s 47,000 feet.

Julia Shumway is also different. I pictured her older with more balls. Maybe she’ll grow some as we go.

Oh, and she’s supposed to be single, but here she’s married to Peter the doctor, who’s supposed to survive for a long time, but he was actually the guy Barbie was burying.

My head is spinning.

There’s a lot more. Norrie doesn’t live in the town and she has lesbian parents. The radio station plays rock music instead of Christian music. Phil in the radio station isn’t crazy and Dodee is helping him. Angie and Dodee don’t get murdered by Junior, but Junior keeps Angie prisoner in a storm shelter. And Joe is apparently now Angie’s brother. And Duke was part of Big Jim’s drug trade.

Although I’m still not sure it is a drug trade. It seems like it will be what with the massive supply of propane tanks, but no one has mentioned drugs yet.

With all this being said, I actually really like the show. They set up the panic of the dome really well with the plane and car crashes into the dome, the silence from the outside world, and the subtle but fabulous story Angie tells about a goldfish trapped in a tank eating the other goldfish. That’s foreshadowing, folks!

I think from here on out I have to ignore the book. I kept comparing things while I watched it and tweeting the differences, but the show is really interesting. I kind of wish I hadn’t read the book because I would’ve loved the show. Right now I like it, I’m intrigued, and I’m going to keep watching.

One thing I was happy about was the ending of the episode where Duke’s pacemaker bursts out of his chest, killing him. I’m so glad they kept that from the book.

Really, I’m not a serial killer.


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