I’m Fred & George!

At some point, I’m sure we’ve all taken the Myers-Briggs personality test. I know I’ve gone through it at least four times, the first being in a class in graduate school. Amongst the other soon-to-be librarians, I was the lone person to get an E.

It’s kind of a known fact that most librarians will get an I for introvert, but anyone who knows me would never question my E. I’m an extrovert all the way.

My full type is ESFP, and while definitions vary describing these types, it’s safe to say that:

  • E – I’m an extrovert who feels motivated being around people;
  • S – I like to take a hands-on approach and learn more by doing than by studying;
  • F – I identify and empathize with others;
  • P – I like to go with the flow and am open and adaptable to change.

Of course there are downsides to each type, but this week, when the internet went crazy over the Myers-Briggs types for Harry Potter characters, I’d say I hit the jackpot.

I’m like Fred & George Weasley!

Fred & George are arguably the best characters in Harry Potter. They are fun, inventive, smart, and everybody wanted to hang out with them. Sure, they gave some people a hard time sometimes, but overall they were pretty sweet guys. Remember, they were the ones who felt bad that Harry couldn’t go to Hogsmeade so they gave him the Marauder’s Map.

So which character are you? This chart was created by a woman named Emily and posted on her Tumblr account. Click the image below to see a larger version of it, and then click it again to make it really large and readable.

harry potter myers briggs
I will admit, one time I got an ENFP when I took the test, so I’m not always like Fred & George, but did you see who ENFP is? It’s Ron Weasley, the best friend ever! Well, except for book four when he was uncharacteristically jealous, but other than that, Ron’s pretty great, too.

So in terms of Harry Potter characters, I think I’m pretty awesome. And I’m so grateful I’m not Draco.


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