“Women just haven’t done that much”

This cringe-worthy video has been making the rounds on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook:

The video starts off by highlighting some great things that happened to women in the media this year, but the majority shows the not-so-great things. Can we all just forget Seth MacFarlane, please?

It should be pointed out that this is just highlighting the media, so it’s mostly movies, commercials, and the news, and there are very annoying sound bites from men on Fox News saying things like “Women just haven’t done that much” and that a woman should “Know your role and shut your mouth.”

The whole video is sound bites, so I don’t have the whole frame of reference for what caused these bursts of ignorance, but the bites do make me grind my teeth.

But it also makes me want to point out the awesome things that women did do this year, media or not.

Women dominated country music. Fabulous newcomers like Kacey Musgraves and Brandy Clark joined veterans like Miranda Lambert and her Pistol Annie’s to create some of the best country music of the year. Far better than the crap the leading men of country put out. Do I really need to bring up the chew tobacco chew tobacco chew tobacco spit song? I pretend that the Pistol Annie’s aren’t featured on that song. If you don’t believe me, watch this video showing that many of the popular male country songs were pretty much the same this year.

I can’t speak about country music without mentioning the show “Nashville,” a ratings juggernaut for ABC featuring women in the lead roles. At times it amounts to just barely a step above soap operas, but Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere are fabulous and some of the songs that come out of the show also bring shame to the men of country music.

But it’s not just “Nashville” that’s bringing us fabulous women on television. Can we talk about Kerry Washington’s “Scandal,” which I haven’t yet watched but want to? Or how awesome Keri Russell is on “The Americans?” Or how about how people couldn’t stop talking about “Orange is the New Black?” Or how funny Julia Louis Dreyfus is on “Veep?” Or the amazing Tatiana Maslany on “Orphan Black,” easily my favorite show of 2013? There are still way more men in leading roles, but these shows are giving them a run for their money.

But it’s not just music and television. My little feminist heart grew three sizes too big when I watched Wendy Davis in her pink sneakers fight for women’s rights in Texas. And Kirsten Gillibrand’s fight to support military rape victims. And the brave Edith Windsor and her DOMA lawsuit. And pretty much any time Elizabeth Warren opened her mouth.

And even though we have a really long way to go in politics, we are lacking far behind other countries in political equality, it was a record year for women in the Senate. Hopefully we will continue to rise in Congress because a study that came out this year found that women were less likely to be corrupt politicians. And don’t forget, it was women who got us out of the government shutdown.

But let’s not overlook the fabulous women around the world who are blowing my mind. I am in awe of Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the face over her fight for women’s education in Pakistan, but who survived and still fights on. I was so excited to hear that two members of Pussy Riot were recently released in Russia. I shake thinking about how brave it was for Saudi Arabian women to protest the restriction on driving. I’m inspired by how gutsy Guatemala’s first female attorney general, Claudia Paz y Paz, must be to take on organized crime and genocide.

I could go on and on to talk about women in business, women in sports, women in movies, women in education, women all over the damn place. I need way more than one binder to talk about everywhere we show up.

But “women just haven’t done that much.” Riiiight. Tell that to Beyoncé, the queen of iTunes.


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