Christmas & games

Christmas is pretty much games and presents in my family.

We celebrated the weekend before most people did and I took all Granny’s money when we played 6-5-4. The fact that she’s 89 didn’t sway me. As Granny says, “There are no feelings in dice.” But it’s not like we bet a lot. It’s 5 cents per round because, as Granny also says, “I’m not rich, ya know.” (She says “ya know” as a true Minnesotan, too. If you want to hear a thick Minnesota accent, you need to come play games with my ya-ubetcha Granny.)

If you’re not familiar with 6-5-4, I Googled it to find it’s apparently called Ship, Captain, and Crew. We’ve never called it that in my life, but here’s a good breakdown in Wikipedia, though we don’t play it as a drinking game.

We also don’t play Up and Down the River (Wikipedia is calling this one Oh Hell) as a drinking game either. Apparently we like to play dice and card games but leave out the fun part.

While I was insuring Granny wouldn’t become rich, my sisters and brother-in-laws were playing the game Loaded Questions where everyone answers a question and one person has to figure out who said what. It’s sort of like Cards Against Humanity, but you come up with the answers instead of picking them from a select group. One of the questions was: “If you could be friends with any television character, who would it be?” I screamed out Lorelai Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls” and then quickly changed my answer to Alcide the werewolf from “True Blood.” For obvious reasons.

And the haul I got for Christmas consisted of games and stuff for cooking. I didn’t get one book, but they usually don’t know what books to get me unless I let them know. I gave my niece and nephew books and I also got my niece this awesome poster and I told her she better know where it’s from.

okay okay posterShe knew instantly.


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