#mnlib13 conference evaluation

At October’s Minnesota Library Association Conference (#mnlib13), my presentation was titled Things in a Flash: 40 in 60 iPad Apps and Tips. The presentation consisted of 20 iPad tips, a lot of them being different changes in iOS 7, and 20 different apps.

I showed the majority of the apps in the presentation, but I made a PowerPoint just in case the wifi went down and as a handout to the attendees. You can view the presentation here.

I don’t often hear back from conferences when I do presentations, and I usually do a few presentations a year. I’m a pretty confident speaker because right after my presentations I always have people telling me how great they were and how much they learned. I’m not trying to praise myself or be overly confident, but I know one of my strong suits is giving presentations and talking to groups of people.

Today, I was happy to receive evaluations from my presentation and they were so great. Every person but one said the session was Excellent, with the one deserter saying it was Good. I’ll take majority Excellent and one Good any day!

The evaluations didn’t have names or anything identifying on them, so I have to share.

Not everyone replied to every question on the evaluation, but the replies I got were great.

What part of the session was the MOST interesting and/or most worthwhile? Why?

Whole thing! Great! Learned a ton!
all of it.
Now to use the different features related to IOS7.
Now to use the different features related to IOS7.
Wow – very interesting & fun.
new apps
iPad goddess. LeAnn is very knowledgeable & great at sharing the info. HIgh energy & task oriented, focused.
– all the apps  – excellent presentation
iPad tips – education!
Apps – 2nd part. I’m a new iPad user and need help.
Great! All interesting, lots of fun!
Everything was great! LeAnn is a spirited and knowledgeable presenter!
Learned a few new tips about using my iPad & some new apps!
I enjoyed learning about different apps I was not aware of, specifically the smarboard app, and vine. It was helpful to have examples of how apps could be useful.


How could the presenter have increased the value of the session?

She did a great job! Very engaging.
She did a great job! Very engaging.
Not sure – she was great!
Fabulous! No improvement needed.
She was great!
She really fun presenter – would love to have heard even more [smiley face].
Not presenters fault: would have liked a different room set up. Bigger screen. Presenter sometimes talked a bit too fast but she had a lot to get through!
More Time
She did a good job in the time allowed covering the information.


What suggestions would you make for future programs on this subject?

Keep having program on newest technology.
More like this [smiley face]!
More time.
Advanced apps for experienced iPad users.
Do this one again next year! There are thousands of cool & new apps coming out all the time….
Bigger screen.


It’s nice to hear good feedback, especially on days when you’re just stuck in the office, staring at a computer screen.

Can’t wait for next year’s conference!


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