40 in 40

To try to embrace turning 40, these are the 40 fun things I will do leading up to my 40th birthday on February 24, 2018.40in40

My 40 in 40.

When I finish one, I will write a blog post about it and link it.

  1. Get a massage
  2. Buy flowers once a month
  3. Go golfing at a new golf course
  4. Try 4 new restaurants
  5. Spend a day at the Minneapolis Institute of Art
  6. Go visit Cathy & family in Illinois for a long weekend
  7. Visit a psychic or palm reader
  8. Watch 4 Meryl Streep movies I haven’t seen (like Silkwood, Sophie’s Choice, Out of Africa, & A Cry in the Dark)
  9. Write a short story & submit it somewhere
  10. Go to a Saint Paul Saints game
  11. Take a cooking or baking class
  12. Walk around Lake Harriet & leave the tree elf a question
  13. Go to the MN Zoo with Kristen & Greta
  14. Send 40 cards or postcards to people throughout the year (Christmas cards don’t count)
  15. Go through a corn maze
  16. Plan a summer bocce ball lunch at work
  17. Get a tattoo
  18. Go to 4 author readings or talks
  19. Buy a piece of art from a local artist
  20. Go to Pride parade or event
  21. Girl’s day with Vicki
  22. See a play or musical at a new theater
  23. Explore 4 local parks (maybe a Fiwygin event?)
  24. Go to a Walker event with Deborah
  25. Settle the debate & eat a Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar & 5-8 Club
  26. Travel with Tammy to a state I’ve never visited
  27. Go to an IMAX movie
  28. Have a professional portrait taken
  29. Write 4 letters to tell 4 people how they have impacted my life in a positive way
  30. Go mini golfing at Can Can Wonderland
  31. Bake bread & pie from scratch
  32. Go to a Fringe Festival show
  33. Attend a political meeting (like local rep, congressman/woman, etc.)
  34. Go to a spa or bed & breakfast for a weekend
  35. Watch a movie or listen to music in the park in Minneapolis
  36. Try 4 new ice cream joints
  37. Drink on a MN wine trail
  38. Send $20 to 4 different people & have them tell me how they spent it (with pictures)
  39. Last for 60 minutes straight on the elliptical
  40. Save $10 for every item completed & throw myself a 40th birthday party