#17 – Get a tattoo

I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but could never figure out what I’d want on my body forever, so years ago I told my dad, “I won’t get a tattoo until you or mom die. I’ll get a memorial tattoo.”

The memorial tattoo came sooner than I’d like, but I figured since I told him that I better go through with it, so it was a perfect thing to add to my 40 in 40.

My dad loved lilacs and he planted them everywhere, so when I was trying to think of flowers to include in the tattoo, that was a no-brainer. Instead of having a lilac branch I asked my tattoo artist to take the flowers from a lilac and put them into the shape of a heart.

My sister Shelly had the great idea of throwing a golf ball into the flowers. My dad loved to golf and sometimes he liked to play the whole course, including the trees alongside a hole. This golf ball might’ve been one he was never able to retrieve.

And, lastly, the crown. My dad’s name was LeRoy, which means “The King,” and the smartass never let us live it down. “I am the king, you know,” is something we’d hear regularly, so I knew I had to fit a crown on the tattoo somewhere.

I think he’d be happy his crown got in there.

Miss you, dad.


# 16 – Plan a summer bocce ball lunch at work

Today was an all-staff meeting day in the library, and what better time to take a break and play some bocce ball? I bought myself a new set of bocce balls and this was a perfect day to check this off my 40 in 40 list.

10 of us went outside and got into three groups and we didn’t play bocce ball like the official rules state. Instead, we each had two balls, and whoever got closest got two points, whoever was second got one, and we played until one person hit 10. Each group played about a half hour.

What a nice break in the work day. We’ll have to do this again.

#4 – Try 4 new restaurants

Who doesn’t love trying new restaurants? Living in the Twin Cities makes it really simple, too, because it’s easy to bypass an Outback Steakhouse when there are fantastic places like Joan’s in the Park. How do they make such a good steak in a pizza oven?

So #4 on my 40 in 40 list is actually a pretty easy one for me. I’m going to visit at least 4 new restaurants a year, so this is kind of a gimme on my list.

The first new restaurant I checked out was on my birthday in February. The Highland Cafe & Bakery is a little diner in a strip mall on Ford Parkway in St. Paul. I’ve driven by it a million times and never ventured in, and I’ve been missing the best french fries ever. I’m not even a huge french fry fan, but whatever you do, if you go to Highland Cafe & Bakery, you must get something with french fries. They’re battered (beer battered, maybe?) and they’re so good. The waitress told me that a few years go they changed the recipe and there was backlash, so they went back. Thanks, angry customers, because the fries are delicious. I also liked the ambiance here, because it’s like a small-town diner, including a waitress who called me “dear” and “darling” and wrote our order on those old green guest check booklets, carbon paper and all.

The next place I tried was Corner Table in Minneapolis, and sadly, I don’t remember what I ate, but it’s not because it was bad. It was chicken something or other, and it was delicious, but that’s about all I’ve got. I really should’ve taken notes or a picture of something.

Then it was onto Augustine’s Bar & Bakery in St. Paul, which is in a building that used to be a laundromat. I drove by the laundromat almost every day when I went to my old job and I had no idea it went away until my co-worker suggested we try Augustine’s. We both shared the tator tots, which were the weirdest tator tots I’ve ever had, but in a good way. It was potatoes and broccoli and more all mushed together in giant tator tots. I’d definitely try them again. For my entree I had Augustine’s Burger, and while their fries were no where near as good as the ones at Highland Cafe & Bakery, the burger was pretty good.

The last restaurant I explored this past weekend when my mom was visiting. In┬áthe Pioneer Press I read about a new Inver Grove Heights place called 1.2.3 Pasta, so I was excited to check it out. From the owners of La Grolla, 1.2.3 Pasta has a casual dining feel with fancy restaurant food. We shared the Arancini, the rice and cheese balls in the picture, and then we split the Diavola Pizza and the special for the evening, grilled chicken and asparagus on top of the largest plate of risotto I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, we didn’t finish everything, but I was so happy to have leftovers from this place. I’ll definitely be back.

#13 AND #27 – Go to the MN Zoo & Go to an IMAX movie

I finished two 40 in 40 items in one day!

I don’t know the last time I went to the MN Zoo, or even if I’ve ever been, so 13 on my 40 in 40 was to go to the MN Zoo.

I’m often not a fan of zoos because I feel so bad for the animals. I don’t like when there isn’t a lot of space for them, so I really don’t enjoy Como Zoo at all. But I was pleasantly surprised with the MN Zoo. There was a lot of space for the tigers and buffalo, and I made sure to ask if the cows that were penned up were ever released into a pasture, and they assured me they were daily.

And the kangaroos! Kangaroos are apparently new at the MN Zoo, and the attraction is super cool in that there are no fences. We walk on a dirt path and mere feet beyond the dirt path are the kangaroos. There was a sign that said kangaroos can jump as far as 25 feet in one jump, so I’m sure they could take me out, but we didn’t see any of them jump. They were having a nice, lazy day sprawled out on the grass or walking. And have you seen a kangaroo walk on all fours? Their back legs are way longer than their front legs, so just imagine a T-Rex walking on all fours. I should’ve taken a video.

After the zoo, we then went to the IMAX, number 27 on my 40 in 40, and saw the movie Dunkirk. It was different than I thought it would be in that there really isn’t much dialogue. We’re just instantly immersed in the British soldiers stranded at Dunkirk and we follow some of them and what they went through to try to get off the beach. It was really intense and I understand the praise it’s getting.

I’m not sure what’s next on my list, but this was a really fun day. Thanks to Kristen, Heather, and Jennifer for making it so much fun!


#22 – See a play or musical at a new theater

I love the theater. Plays and musicals are totally my jam, but I feel like I sometimes go to the same theaters again and again, like the different venues owned by Hennepin Theatre Trust, the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, the Ordway, and, of course, going with my family to Theatre L’Homme Dieu in Alexandria.

Number 22 on my 40 in 40 was to make sure I’d make an effort to seek out a new theater this year.

This past weekend one of my sisters was visiting me, as she was recuperating from a surgery, and we wanted a lazy weekend. We saw some movies (The Big Sick is so good!), ate yummy food, and decided to go to a play.

The Gremlin Theatre just moved to a new location, in the same building as Lake Monster Brewing, after three years of trying to find a home. To celebrate their new space, they’re redoing the very first play they ever put on as a theater company 19 years ago – Don’t Dress for Dinner.

Don’t Dress for Dinner is a comedy of errors, a mistaken identity farce, where a husband and wife are both trying to sneak their lovers into their home for the evening. Throw in a sassy caterer and her jealous husband and this play was just what we needed. I highly recommend it if you need a good laugh.

The only bad thing about the Gremlin Theatre is the location, which sucks because it’s their new location. It’s a little hard to find, because signage isn’t good, but you locate it by entering the doors to the left of Lake Monster Brewing. But it’s not really about locating it that’s the problem. It’s the smell.

Entering the building, you’re hit in the face with a pretty gross bathroom smell. It permeates the long hallway leading up to the theater, so instantly I felt gross. I swear I could still smell it a little bit in the theater, too, and whatever it is, the building needs to fix it. When I’m going to the theater, I don’t want it to smell like porta potty.

Overall: the play was good, but the venue needs some work.



# 10 – Go to a Saint Paul Saints game

By number 10 on my 40 in 40 I really meant that I would go to a St. Paul Saints game at their new stadium, because I’ve never been. But since I’ve never been to a St. Paul Saints game ever, and since my sisters and I went with my mom to a Saints game in the RedHawks stadium in Fargo, I’m totally counting it. Especially because we were one of the only people cheering for the Saints and we got dirty looks.

Check out how cute me and my mom are. Aw!

The Saints won, BTW. Go, Saints!

40 in 40 Update

My 40 in 40 list has been out for a couple months now, and people keep asking me what I’ve finished on the list.

Unfortunately, the answer is nothing…completely.

Many of the items on my list are things that have to do many times: visit 4 new restaurants, buy flowers once a month, try 4 new ice cream joints, etc. And some are items that can’t happen until a later day, like going through a corn maze.

That being said, I’m making progress. I’ve visited a few restaurants, been buying flowers every month (look at those gorgeous May ones), and have tried an ice cream joint where the serving sizes are as big as my head (Nelson’s).

So I’ve done some things. I just haven’t completely finished one thing yet, but I’m getting there.

Next up: I’m meeting with a tattoo artist soon to start working on designs for my first tattoo!